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A New Way of Transforming Business
In the 20th century information technology transformed many industries and created a completely new and powerful environment for business. Previously, only larger companies had this opportunity. When the information age transformed manual labor into high-speed efficient processes, it was a great achievement. Those who capitalized on it improved their profits greatly. With the invention of micro-computer technology and explosion of the Internet, many companies entered the information age.

In the 21st century we need to look at information technology in a different way. It's no longer about simply automating processes. Now businesses need to consider making finite business decisions by including all the aspects of their operations. Now that most businesses use technology in some way or another, it is how they use it that will benefit them in the future.

Technology is a great vehicle to achieve improvement for the 21st century, but this alone can't make as big of a difference as some would like to achieve. Companies must understand how areas such as organizational behavior, processes, procedures and human behavior directly impact profits. Considering these areas and treating each of these as equally important will dramatically improve one's business.

In the past and for some companies today, technology projects were just that, "technology projects". This IT centric model is no longer a viable solution approach. Businesses can't rely on IT centric solutions, but instead must approach IT from a business or operations solution using information technology.

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"Making the best decisions in transforming business involves many aspects of one's company. We progressively approach all opportunities and ideas while maintaining fundamental values such as sciences, efficiency, cost, and client satisfaction."
                                                                                          Axel Kirchgessner